Urban Arb Solutions – Tree Relocation Service

If you are in the need of a tree relocation service, consider hiring the professionals at Urban Arb Solutions. The company provides free estimates and consultation, so you can make an informed decision about the process. They specialize in tree removal and palm tree care. Their team is bonded, insured, and experienced in handling this type of work.

Relocating a tree

Whether you want to move a tree to a new location or remove a tree, the team at Urban Arb Solutions can help. The team at Urban Arb Solutions has experience with all aspects of tree transplanting, from tree certification to tree sourcing. It is important to choose a location with adequate space for the tree’s canopy and roots.

Removing a tree

An Urban Arb Solutions tree removal service can help you get rid of a tree in a safe, efficient manner. These professionals are experienced in tree removal and fertilization in the greater Houston, TX area. They offer services in Houston proper, Hedwig Village, Piney Point Village, the Greater Heights, West University Place, Sugar Land, and Woodland Heights. They also provide stump grinding and fertilization.

Removing a tree in Palm Beach

When it comes to removing a tree, you may be wondering how to go about it without harming surrounding plants and grass. Thankfully, there are a few options available to you. You can either cut the tree down yourself and haul it to a landfill, or you can hire an expert company. Tree removal companies follow a strict procedure to remove trees without causing damage to the surrounding property or the environment. They will also make sure that no wildlife is harmed in the process.

In Palm Beach, there are a number of laws that govern tree removal. While regulations vary from state to state, Palm Beach county is especially strict with tree removal laws. In fact, you can face large fines if you try to remove a tree without a permit. This article will highlight some of these laws and the proper process for removing a tree.

Urban Arb Solutions – Tree Loppers

Tree loppers are one of the most common methods used to clear a lot of trees. Whether you’re trying to save a particular tree or are simply trying to improve the look of a neighborhood, a professional can help you make your project a success. Read on to learn more about their services, how they affect trees, and how much they cost.

Impact on trees

Urban Arb Solutions is a tree lopping service that offers affordable tree cutting and tree removal services. Trees are a valuable asset in any area, providing shade and enhancing the aesthetics of the landscape. However, if not properly maintained, they can become unhealthy, diseased, and potentially dangerous. Their branches and roots can weaken, which could result in damage to nearby structures. Other times, trees may need to be removed in order to make way for new construction.

Urban trees face unique challenges, including traffic, road salt, and temperature variations. Trees also often grow at different rates. They can live for decades or even thousands of years. As a result, determining the age of a tree by measuring its circumference and height is useless.


If you want to have a tree removed, you can call Urban Arb Solutions. These professionals specialize in palm tree care and removal. They provide a free consultation and quote. They also provide services for palm tree pruning. This service is particularly effective if you have a tree with too many branches or a broken trunk.

Urban Arb Solutions – Arborist

Arboricultural services are provided in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and surrounding areas. Urban Arb Solutions has the necessary skills and experience to meet the requirements of residential and commercial clients. They can provide you with a range of services from tree pruning to tree removal. Their highly-experienced team can provide you with an affordable and reliable service.


Casey von Urban Arb Solutions specializes in tree care, landscape design, and other services related to the urban forest. He is a second-generation arborist and grew up in a family that was passionate about trees. As a kid, Casey would watch his dad climb trees and fell in love with everything that the urban forest had to offer. Today, he loves working with trees and landscaping to keep them healthy.


Matt Dawson, a Certificate V arborist, started his own business, Urban Arb Solutions, in 2016. In less than two years, the business has grown to four employees. The team offers a variety of services for commercial and private properties. Matt recently added a SG-40 stump grinder to their fleet. They also operate a Bandit 18XP chipper.


Arborists provide services that make trees healthier and safer. These services range from palm tree removal to tree pruning. Arborists can also help property managers and urban forest owners create multi-year plans and prioritize work orders. They are also able to provide services such as stump grinding, which turns a tree stump into mulch. This type of service is ideal for trees with weak trunks and too many branches.

Jon’s father

Jon’s father, Bob, has been involved in arboriculture for over 30 years. Bob started his business Selner Tree & Shrub Care over 27 years ago. Growing up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Bob saw a need for proper tree care. After college, he started landscaping in order to learn more about trees. In the summer of 2013, he began working part time for Selner Tree & Shrub Care. Today, he is an integral part of the company.

Jon’s dad

Urban Arb Solutions offers a variety of tree services. Their team can perform tree trimming, tree removal, and palm tree cleaning. They also offer stump grinding, a process where they take a large stump and grind it down to mulch. This method is great for trees that have a lot of branches or are prone to failing.

Urban Arb Solutions – Gum Tree Removal Preventative Measures

Gum tree removal is a necessary part of tree maintenance, but it is also an expensive proposition. Intertwined branches can cause problems with overhead power cables and wires. If you want to keep the costs of gum tree removal down, there are some preventative measures you can take.

Cost of gum tree removal

If you are thinking of removing a gum tree, you need to consider how much the work will cost. The cost of gum tree removal depends on a number of factors, including the size of the tree and its location. Additionally, the sensitivity of the situation may also contribute to the cost. To get a better estimate, consult with a professional arborist.

Gum trees may need to be removed for various reasons, including the potential for damage to overhead power lines or sewers. Because the bark and oily leaves can be highly flammable, proper care should be taken when removing gum trees. Furthermore, the roots of gum trees can damage paved surfaces and cause blockages in paths, sewers, and roads. Larger roots can also blow out septic tanks and interrupt water pipes. The cost to repair any hazard associated with a gum tree can be considerable.

While the cost of removing a gum tree varies, the average cost is between $1,500 and $4,500. The cost depends on the size of the tree, accessibility to the area, and the time required to remove it.

Problems caused by intertwined branches with overhead electrical cables and wires

Intertwined branches and wires are a dangerous hazard for people working near overhead electrical lines. If a worker accidentally touches a wire while working, they may be electrocuted, causing considerable damage. In rare instances, an incident may even result in death. In one case, a man was seriously injured when he accidentally touched a high-voltage power line while working on a tree. He lost his hand as a result of the accident.

Intertwined branches with overhead electrical cables or wires are dangerous for many reasons. First, they can cause momentary power interruptions or power outages. Additionally, they can cause fires when an electrical arcing from a wire to a branch occurs. A third potential problem arises if someone stands too close to the wire or branch.

Preventative measures to reduce cost of tree removal

Taking preventative measures to maintain your trees is a great way to reduce the cost of gum tree removal. By pruning and trimming your trees regularly, you can help to control their growth and prevent them from falling. Pruning and trimming is especially helpful if you live in an area where the weather is hot. The hot weather will help to speed up the tree’s healing process.

The cost of emergency tree removal can run anywhere from $450 to $5,000. However, some of this cost may be covered by your insurance, so check to see if you’re covered. Most policies will cover the cost of removing a tree that falls on your property. However, you might need to pay a deductible before your insurance company will cover the cost.

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