We are glad to welcome you on the pages of our site dedicated to such beautiful creatures as horses.

Horses are strong, brave, fast and very intelligent animals. They have always been close to man, from the early times of ancient Rome, and to the present.

Our site will tell and show you the history of the development of horses, as well as their breeds, and how a person managed to tame this amazing creature.

Horses were one of the first domestic animals that man tamed, and they faithfully, to this day, serve people.

Today, horses, to a greater extent, are used not for work, but for moral satisfaction, equestrian sports, as well as in small households, but more on that later.

On the pages of the site, we will tell you about the history of the emergence and domestication of horses by man, about how horses, for centuries, served people, and also benefited both in hard work in the fields, and in wars and battles in which they participated people.

We will find out what colors and breeds of horses are, we will study their morphology and the life expectancy of horses.

Also, we will read about the gaits that horses can do, namely, we will find out what types of movement horses have, and these are: walk, trot and gallop.

We will read and visually see how to ride a horse correctly and what dressage is, at what age you need to start training a horse, as well as some points and subtleties of horse training.

We will also talk about horse harness, its varieties and methods of application, about what types of saddles there are and the rest necessary for running and keeping horses.

A separate section of the site is devoted to horse care, feeding norms and types, as well as additional supplements and the correct diet for horses. We will consider in detail the washing, cleaning, cutting and shoeing of horses, the correctness of the approaches and the equipment necessary for this.

It will be interesting to read about equestrian sports, famous athletes and horses of competition winners. What are the awards and types of equestrian sports, we will discuss champions, and also learn a lot of interesting things from the history of equestrian sports.

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