If you’re like me when it comes to determining color it is almost like throwing a dart at a dart board. I can’t even seem to get black and white correct. I have started visiting some pages on colors and they have begun to help but—-.

I decided I would ask the world of cyberspace to give me a hand once in a while. If I get real adventurous I might even start a forum. Here goes my first attempt. If you have some suggestions e-mail to

This is Wynonna. She has a full blaze that you can’t see here but you can see the difference in the white blaze and the rest of her coat. Her skin is dark and her eyes are brown. Mane and tail are the same as her bdy right now. She isn’t white but she doesn’t look palomino either. Her last year half sister (same mom) is about the same shade and hasn’t changed. Sister is a pinto. Both fillies are out of pinto dads.  What do you think ?